Festa di Carnevale


Festa di Carnevale


The route runs along the structure of the Azzi Milan factory, with its imposing chimney stacks, and the buildings of the former Unione Italiana Cementi factory, in whose courtyard it is still possible to catch a glimpse of the narrow-gauge train tracks which brought the material from the mines to the cement factories.
It will also be possible to see the buildings that hosted the workers from Bergamo called during the strike of the local workforce, to arrive at the large structure of Pozzone Cavallera, with the lift which was used to descend to the mines at a depth of more than 100 metres.

Entering the wood in the direction of the Sinaccio area, you can admire the picturesque Church of Saints Cosma and Damiano.
From here, you can enjoy the magnificent scenic views of the Po, the plain and hills of Monferrato, to close the ring between woods and hazelnut groves.

The arrival point will be Cantina Angelini where a selection of local wines will be offered for tasting.
at 2 pm light lunch, optional (€20); at 3.30 pm free sensory, emotional and workshop tastings of local products.


Municipality of Ozzano Monferrato