Felis - Gatto sarvaego. Documentario


Felis - Gatto sarvaego. Documentario



"Da Questa Parte del Mare" is the book on the life of Gianmaria Testa, regrettably posthumously published in April 2016, by Giulio Einaudi Editori with foreword by Erri De Luca. It is a collection of the thoughts, stories and situations which helped to give life to each of the songs of the homonymous album and, inevitably, it is a little about Gianmaria himself. It tells of the great movements of people of those years, but also of the roots and their importance. Roots, which are not chains, but long gazes. It is the book with which Gianmaria bade farewell in peace, after an honest and upright life. It is a treasure of very human reflections, without presumptions of absoluteness. A distillate of precious words that succeeds in giving back Gianmaria’s voice forever. It is a crystal-clear glance on today, which has lasted for more than 20 years. A poetical, sharp, caustic language that is also surly and emotional. Beautiful. And now, thanks to Giuseppe Cederna it will go on stage. He shared the stage with Gianmaria many times and, above all, still shares an emotional vision of the world. Giorgio Gallione, another friend of Gianmaria, directed it, trying to translate into theatrical language, images and form, words that were conceived for the written page, but full of sonority and music. The performance mixes the words of Testa with those of Marco Revelli and Alessandra Ballerini to sensibly address the theme of modern migration without rhetoric: telling stories of men and women from this and the other side of the sea. Cederna will be the voice of Testa and of the voiceless fragments of colour, in a continuous shot/countershot that has both a saving and damning sea as constant element. Directed by Giorgio Gallione, sets by Lorenza Gioberti and lighting by Andrea Violato.


Free admission.

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