APRE. Stagione Teatrale 2023-2024: "SETTE A TEBE. Questo terribile amore per la guerra"


APRE. Stagione Teatrale 2023-2024: "SETTE A TEBE. Questo terribile amore per la guerra"


Saturday 20 January



production Potenziali Evocati Multimediali and

76th Cycle of Classical Shows at the Olimpico Theatre of Vicenza.
with the support of ArtistiAssociati Centro di Produzione Teatrale Gorizia and
Fondazione ECM Settimo Torinese
in residence at Cantieri Teatrali Koreja. Social Theatre of Valenza

Potenziali evocati multimediali, company resident in the Social Theatre of Valenza, returns in the 23-24 season with its most recent production, following its recent national success at the 76th Cycle of Classical Shows at the Olimpico Theatre of Vicenza.

In the vision of director Gabriele Vacis, supported by Roberto Tarasco, at the centre of the stage is the choral experience of the citizens of Thebes which is the sounding board to what happens behind the city walls and makes the noises of the siege happen on stage, the colors and the terrifying images of the enemy, the foreigner, of the other that pushes from the outside, and threatens the order of the city of the seven gates. But the "other" - as is revealed to us by the unexpected clash at the seventh gate between the brothers and enemies Eteocles and Polynices - always resembles the brother: the war, is always civil war.

The script is built inserting texts of current voices in the text of Aeschylus, which take technical data on the weapons used in our time to the stage, but also historic-cultural considerations on the immanence of war at any geographical and chronological latitude, of our civilization. On the plot of a text built in this manner, the young actors/authors of PEM take the responsibility to represent, to have the desires, strong and weak points of the generation of 20 year-olds access the augmented reality of the theatre: on stage, they reflect the experience of war in the thoughts, in the gestures, on the bodies of their fellowmen and women.

In this, Aeschylus’ tragedy declares itself as "necessary", the right matrix which generates a suitably complex presentation of our time. On a swing which oscillates between the words of Aeschylus and the questions of the present on what is, then as it is today, war, a power shortcut between ancient and contemporary is activated, many authors are accomplices, of a different period and culture, called into question: Henri Laborit, Sun Tzu, Franklin J. Schaffner, Bertolt Brecht and, above all, James Hillman who directs the never rhetorically feel-good perspective on the terrifying mix of love and ferociousness which has the divine name of Ares, and triggers the concentration of a glance and the direction of a thought never taken for granted on the terrible vitality of every war.

Admission: full 15€, reduced 10€
ticket office: from Tuesday to Friday 4 pm - 7 pm, Saturday 10 am -12:30 pm
tel: 0131.920154 / email:

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