Alessandro Barbero in Il Medioevo qui da noi


Alessandro Barbero in Il Medioevo qui da noi



Alessandro Barbero is an Italian historian, author and full professor at the University of Piemonte Orientale and Vercelli, specialised in military and medieval history. He is also a prolific author on matters of all historical periods, from Greek and Roman antiquity until at least the Battle of Caporetto. He collaborates with TV programmes and is a freelance writer for several newspapers, but most of all he is the author of numerous essays and books of fiction. In 1996, he won the Strega literary award for Bella vita e guerre altrui di Mr. Pyle, gentiluomo. The professor tells the story and, as he himself loves to point out, tells documented facts and nothing else, no hypotheses, no assumptions or deductions, but documents that speak to the historian and the historian translates them to the public. He does so with communication skills that set him apart, giving him a special charisma. With his lesson, Il Medioevo qui da noi, Alessandro Barbero arrives to the castle of San Cristoforo in Alessandria, and with his tales of characters and historical events he captures and engages the listeners making them relive the smells, the pain of the trenches, the incessant fear of the characters in hiding, the passions, the human pettiness. With a masterful balance and abundance of details, Barbero describes the virtues and vices of the characters, eliminates the distance of centuries and makes History a matter that concerns everybody


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