Una cena per giocare insieme (charity dinner)


Una cena per giocare insieme (charity dinner)



La solidarietà Lions non va in vacanza

To mark the event "La solidarietà Lions non va in vacanza", for which the Lions and Leo Clubs of Alessandria have organised the traditional dinner in the spectacular piazza Santa Maria del Castello, it will be possible to access the oldest church of Alessandria. Thanks to the collaboration of the Diocese guided tours will be organised to enable visits of the upper floor, with its magnificent works of art, and the basements which bear witness to the historical sedimentation of various ages, as a clear sign of the evolution of cultural styles.

The opportunity to learn more about the art and history of one of the most important monuments of the city is almost unique and in this case participation in the guided tours will be free, but for organisational reasons it is best to book by phoning 348-2559424, as the group visits are limited and organised in two blocks, namely from 6 pm the first and 7 pm the second.

The space chosen by Lions is a unique setting for the history of the City and for this reason it will include an event in which the added value is the tangible goal of raising money to create "Giardini inclusivi per i bambini"; but it will not be the only initiative, with the funds all clubs can manage the solidarity to families in need.

Waitressing for Cena&Musica will be managed by the Lions volunteers and accompanied by the music of Dj Andrea Forte. The dishes will be prepared by the restaurants Favorite, Il Girone dei Golosi, Il Moscardo and the Teo &Bia delicatessen, with Ais Piemonte. The bread will be offered by En.Aip Piemonte, grissini by Pan dei Massi - Grissinificio Cane, wines by Retrogusto and water by Lauretana. It will also be possible to have an aperitivo from Orto Zero Cafè.

The initiative is organised by the Lions and Leo Clubs of Alessandria, with the presidents Alessandro Crivelli President Zone A Third District; Alan Vicino President of Alessandria Host; Laura Moretti President of Alessandria Marengo; Fabrizio Priano President of Bosco Marengo Santa Croce; Maurizio Pasini President of Bosco Marengo La Fraschetta; Erica Raiteri President of Alessandria Emergency and Rescue; Gianluca Barberis President of Alessandria Cittadella; Luigi Mocci President of Alessandria Valmadonna Valle delle Grazie; Marco Morando President of Leo Club Alessandria; Paolo Trivero President of Bosco Marengo Ecolife.

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