INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE and concert - The music of György Ligeti


INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE and concert - The music of György Ligeti

from 15 December 2023 to 16 December 2023

Second appointment of a cycle of eight concerts dedicated to the music of György Ligeti curated by Professor Sergio Lanza.

The Vivaldi Conservatory of Music, already promoter of important music events offered to Alessandria and other areas, presents a focus on music production since the second post-war period, to stimulate in the audience user of the Conservatory, the listening and understanding of a vast but still little known and popular repertoire. The main feature, which characterizes this first and subsequent events, which will be held every two years, is the attention to the educational value which the study of this music, usually highly demanding, has on the maturation and technical and musical development of our students.
This edition, articulated in eight concerts and one conference, takes its cue from the celebration of the centenary of the birth of György Ligeti (1923–2006), one of the most original and influential composers of the 20th century. Great experimenter, inspired by a ‘Bartokian’ tradition, Ligeti developed his own musical language over time until he created a universe of forms and sound images of great and unforgettable expressive power.

An electronic concert interpreted on an immersive multi-channel sound system by the students of the Electronic Music Course of the Vivaldi Conservatory under the guidance of the teachers Manfredi Clemente and Francesco Rosati. A programme which evolves from the experimental work of György Ligeti – who in the late 1950s was among the pioneers in his field - to follow the influences and developments along a chronological route which passes from the great research of Xenakis and Ferrari to reach the most recent developments represented by artists such as Theodoros Lotis and Natasha Barrett.

Sergio Lanza


György Ligeti, Glissandi [1957] 7’39’’, Artikulation [1958] 3’49’’

Iannis Xenakis, Diamorphoses [1958] 7’02’’

Luc Ferrari, Tautologos 1 [1961] 4’20’’

Theodoros Lotis, La mer profonde [1996] 10’06

Christian Zanesi, “Adagio 1” da Le paradoxe de la femme-poisson [1998] 4’27’’

Natasha Barrett, …fetters… [2002] 14’40’’

THE MUSICIANS: Luca Carillo, Stefano Panelli, Francesco Tolli, Simone Telandro, Edoardo Gatto, Sergio Lanza