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Christmas in Conzano is traditionally synonymous with “Artistic Crib”. From Sunday 13 December 2020 – day in which St. Lucy is celebrated, patron saint of Conzano – to 17 January 2021 this town in Monferrato will host a new ‘promenade des artistes’, this time with a Christmas theme. In the historic centre, 25 artist works will have the Nativity as their subject. The authors identified by Carlo Pesce, curator of the exhibition, and Emanuele Demaria, lord mayor of Conzano are: Alessandro Beluardo, Fulvio Bergallo, Giò Bonardi, Corrado Bonomi, Emiliano Cavalli, Gianni Cella, Laura Chiarello, Enrico Colombotto Rosso, Fernanda Core, Max Ferrigno, Guido Fiorato, Mauro Galfrè, Ezio Gribaudo, Eugenio Guglielminetti, Emanuele Luzzati, Gigi Marini, Davide Minetti, Pietro Morando, Ugo Nespolo, Paolo Novelli , Max Oddone, Natale Panaro, Max Ramezzana, Giovanni Tamburelli, Elisa Traverso. The images of their works will be positioned as banners in the houses of the medieval village. The backdrop will be red drapes with the representation of the Divine Child: a hundred or so images that will colour piazza Australia and via Mezzavilla with bright red. There will also be the crib exhibition: the plastic representation of the birth of Jesus, with the figurines of the characters inserted in a setting that represents the places of tradition, will be visible in the windows of the houses of the centre of Conzano that will host the cribs of the extraordinary Demaria collection. The largest crib will be exhibited in the Conference Room that overlooks piazza Australia: the artisan ceramic Nativity scene by Thun, with more than a hundred figures. In the photo, the work of Emiliano Cavalli.

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