Photography exhibition: Una storia di sport da oltre 100 anni


Photography exhibition: Una storia di sport da oltre 100 anni


Photography exhibition which looks back over 115 years of the Valenza sports club

Municipal Cultural Centre
22 September - 1 October 2023

The exhibition entitled “A.S.D. Fulvius Valenza. Una storia di sport da oltre 100 anni” opens on Friday 22 September at 6 pm at the Municipal Cultural Centre (Piazza XXXI Martiri1). The
photography exhibition retraces, also through objects, 115 years of the club's glorious sporting history.
"Telling the history of Fulvius means telling a piece of the history of Valenza. The faces in the photographs which accompany the exhibition are yesterday's players (they start with the first athletics team founded in 1908) and the young talents of today.
The exhibition is the story of the commitment, dedication, success and achievement of one of the sporting symbols of the city" comment the Mayor Maurizio Oddone and the Councillors Alessia Zaio and Luca Merlino.
Fulvius was born in 1908 as an athletics sports club promoted within the activity of the Catholic Youth Club Pio X. Since its first uniform,
the team's colours
have been white and blue.
Around the 1930s, football replaced gymnastics becoming the
main sport.
The talent pool of Fulvius continues to grow and in 1972 the club's new pitch is inaugurated in Regione Fontanile.
Fulvius progressively becomes one of the top clubs of the province in terms
of teams and players.
In 1984, U.S. Fulvius is awarded the Bronze Star by CONI as a sign of a partnership which has served and honoured Italian sport for many years and for the activity carried out in eighty years of life and education of young people. During the new millennium the youth sector continues to grow in numbers and level and the history of Fulvius continuous to be glorious.

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