Omaggio a Dante


Omaggio a Dante

from 01 July 2021 to 31 July 2021


For the Christmas festivities, the Ethnographic Museum “C’era una volta” (piazza della Gambarina) and the Galleria di Antichità Cairo (Via Mazzini, 100) have organised an exhibition dedicated to Pinocchio, the most famous puppet of Italy. Besides the books, it will be possible to admire toys and goods dedicated to Collodi that date from the 19th century to our day. On Sundays in December, there will be several events at the museum to enrich the exhibition: - 1 December at 4pm creative workshop “C’era una volta un burattino” organised by the Cultural Association il Cantastorie – 8 December at 3.30pm a concert by the “Profincoro” and the “Alunnincoro” – on 15 December, at 4pm excerpts of Pinocchio will be read, followed by a creative workshop dedicated to origami.


The exhibition will be open from 24 November to 22 December. Visiting times: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9am - 12pm and 4pm - 7pm; Wednesday: 9am - 12pm; Sunday 4pm - 7pm. Free admission.

Information and contacts
piazza della Gambarina Museo Etnografico della Gambarina e Galleria Cairo - Alessandria
Telephone: +39 0131 400.30