Mostra "Dietro la maschera"


Mostra "Dietro la maschera"


The exhibition "Dietro la maschera" presents the interpretations and varieties of the possible contexts of interpretation of the Book of Esther, heroine who changes the fate of her nation thanks to the awareness of her religious inheritance. The works chosen for this exhibition have been created by Italian and Israeli artists, who have interpreted the themes and narratives in different styles. The practice of disguise, of the hidden identity, has taken on a spiritual meaning over the generations and emerges in many cultures. The selected works also reveal a unique curatorial interpretation of Esther's story, of its meaning and symbolism that surrounds it. This creates an ample excursus, giving way to feminist, sociological and historical perspectives.

Italian artists: Francesca Duscià, Patrizia Colombo, Lello Esposito, Tobia Ravà, Cesare Catania, Daniele Basso, Ariela Böhm, Isabella Mandelli, Ezio Gribaudo, Emanuele Luzzati

Israeli artists: Dana Manor Cohen, Lili Almog, Lida Sharet Massad, Shai Azoulay, Etan Dor Shav, Danielle Feldhaker, Beverley Jane Stewart, Ken Shish, Ester Schneider.

The works of the exhibition were already on their way to Israel when the catastrophe of 7 October hit the Country. They should have been part of the 2023 Jerusalem Bienniale together with other 35 scheduled exhibitions with artists and curators from all over the world, but due to the terrorist attack the event has been postponed to Spring 2024. The idea of Rami Ozeri, director and brainchild of the Bienniale, is a widespread exhibition presenting the works in different cities and strengthening the connections between Jerusalem and the diaspora communities in a great operation of solidarity and support. An intention which the curators Ermanno Tedeschi and Vera Pilpoul have tried to maintain, together with the initial spirit of the project, designed to be set up in the Umberto Nahon Museum under the title of Iron Flock, the literal translation of the Jewish phrase "Tzon Barzel", which proposes to explore the fundamentals of the contemporary culture and, through the eyes of curators and artists, identify movements, ideas, people who have become non-monetizable assets. Furthermore, to give important recognition to women.

Inauguration on Sunday 12 November at 11.30 am. The exhibition presented with the sponsorship of the Embassy of Israel in Italy will close on 3 December.

Open to the public during the opening hours of the Synagogue and Jewish Museums: Sunday 10 am to noon and from 3 pm to 5 pm (booking recommended), from Monday to Friday advance booking is compulsory, closed Saturday and on Jewish holidays.

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