History of a turning wheel


History of a turning wheel


The focus of this new exhibition is a rigorous selection of paintings and drawings of 17th century Genoa originating from private collections of Oltregiogo, that area historically linked to the Ligurian Republic, which held lands to the north of Superba, between the Apennines, of which Novi Ligure was the most important town.

DI SEGNI E MIRAGGI, the title chosen for the exhibition, focuses on the strong illusionist component of art of this particularly historical moment able to deceive the eye, succeeding in transforming a combination of signs, which have nothing to do with the natural reality of the things to depict, into a projection of the effective and seductive reality: a mirage.

Each of the thirty-nine works on show, many of them unpublished - from the extraordinary drawings of Luca Cambiaso and Giovanni Battista Castello il Bergamasco, passing through the paintings of Bernardo Strozzi, Luciano Borzone, Giovanni Andrea De Ferrari, Orazio De Ferrari, Anton Maria Vassallo and of the students of Valerio Castello, to the canvases and works on paper of Domenico Piola – offers its contribution to capturing the plurality of routes and of original solutions inside the figurative culture of the Genoese Baroque, so full of internal strengths and external contributions.

The exhibition runs from 9 April to 9 June 2022
Opening times: Friday 16-20;
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 10 – 13 | 16 – 20

Tickets: 7 euro full price, 4 euro reduced price

Information and contacts
viale dei Campionissimi 2 Museo dei Campionissimi - Novi Ligure
Telephone: +39 0143 772.266