Festa della musica - La prima Orchestra siamo noi


Festa della musica - La prima Orchestra siamo noi


The Municipality of Valenza participates in Music Day again this year, the European event which is held every 21 June, day of the summer solstice. It is a big popular celebration open to

Celebrations will get underway on Thursday 20 June at 9 pm at the Social Theatre of Valenza with the music and theatre show "CHE MONDO ASSURDO! RATTOPPI DI STORIE INSOLITE". On stage, the FuoridalCoro Choir directed by maestro Nicola Coppola; and the students of the Gaiamusica Academy, managed by Angelica Lapadula, Gloria Passoni and Federica Leone.

The show will reflect on all those small events and unexplained weirdness that are part of our life. On stage, several iconic songs of the history of music alternated with didactic pieces, interspersed with excerpts from literary works performed by the students of the drama class held by the Association.

Celebrations will continue on Friday 21 June at 5 pm at the Municipal Culture Centre, with the guided tour of the exhibition "Quei favolosi anni Sessanta" by its curator Alberto Vincenzoni.
From 6 pm, the appointment continues with two special guests, singer Ambra Borelli and the keyboard player of Delirium
Ettore Vigo who will discuss the music and culture of the 1960s.

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