Exhibition "Aspettando il Golem"


Exhibition "Aspettando il Golem"


SUNDAY 28 MAY 2023

11 am

In association with Casale Comics & Games


Stories and Jewish legends in the publications of Orecchio Acerbo, by Ada Treves and Paolo Cesari.

Works by Alice Barberini, Isabella Labate, Maurizio Quarello and other authors of Orecchio Acerbo Editore.

From 28 May to 11 June
Open to visitors during the opening hours of the Synagogue and Jewish Museums: Sunday from 10 am to 12 pm and 3 pm to 6 pm, from Monday to Friday by prior booking on 0142 71807 or 340 769 7199.

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The spaces surrounding the Synagogue of Casale Monferrato in vicolo Olper return to host an exhibition connected to
Casale Comics dedicating it to an extraordinary team of designers of
OrecchioAcerbo, publishing house of
children's fiction. "Aspettando il Golem" will exhibit close to 50 original drawings by Alice
Barberini, Isabella Labate, Maurizio Quarello, works of great poetry through which we will go back over
the famous story of the giant who protected the ghetto of Prague but also the vicissitudes of the children called to
defend their imagination from the darkest side of history.

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