33 photographs by the famous architect from Alessandria Enzo Testa, who passed away in May 2013, will be on show in the octagon of the "Francesca Calvo" Civic Library of Alessandria from Thursday 11 April, day of the inauguration of the exhibition entitled "33 primavere - Fotografie di Enzo Testa".

A collection of photographs by Enzo Testa, which capture not only glimpses, details of places and buildings of Alessandria but also the essence of art itself. He was a lover of beauty, who knew how to absorb in every context of the world that surrounded him and transfer this to each of his work projects. He exercised his profession tenaciously and with determination, thanks to his strong character but also a true faith focused on improving a city like Alessandria.

As his daughter Elisa explains "the profession of architect often attracts people with a certain dose of hubris, potential delusions of grandeur, and also, above all, a stubborn optimism. The optimism of being able to change the world, not in an abstract but a highly tangible way, brick by brick, giving life to what a second before was nothing more than an idea, then sketch, then thousands of drawings.
The desire to improve the city through architecture is always behind the contentious relationship between Enzo Testa and Alessandria and I believe that these images, he took and re-ordered about one year before his death, are not so much the resolution of that relationship in a melancholic acceptance of reality, but rather a last attempt to change the city, albeit with tools parallel to those of architecture.
If Alessandria has been unable to transform itself into reality, then perhaps the shape can still be molded in the images, as is evident from the choices of the cut outs and glimpses which delete and select, to leave small fragments which can be put back together again to create an ideal city in the mind's eyes."
As Enzo himself says in his beautiful letter to his friend Mario Mantelli to accompany the postcards, continues Elisa Testa, "my purpose was to transform anonymity into identity, with the pretext and help of spring, ..".

The creation of an identity, as theme which reconnects to the power of transformation of architecture, but also the use of detail as fundamental aspect of architecture, especially in the architecture of Enzo Testa, the biggest and most fascinating element.

To conclude, in the words of Enzo to Mario: "The details, as partial reading, sometimes embody a share of mystery which leaves space to the imagination".


Following the inauguration of Thursday 11 April at 6 pm in the Library, the exhibition will be open to visitors from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 1 pm on Tuesday and Thursday from 2 pm to 6 pm. It will remain open to the public free of charge until 6 May.
It is advisable to check closer to the date on public holidays.


In parallel, the same exhibition with several reproductions of the photographs by Enzo Testa in a large format will be set up at the Nicola Basile Residence in Via Tortona 71, in Alessandria. This exhibition which will be inaugurated on 10 April at 5 pm will remain open to the public until 12 May and open to visitors from Monday to Sunday from 10 am to noon and from 3 pm to 6 pm.
It is advisable to check closer to the date on public holidays.

The exhibition "33 primavere - Fotografie di Enzo Testa" is organised by the City of Alessandria and by ASM Costruire Insieme, with the participation of the Order of Architects of the Province of Alessandria, the Francesca Calvo Civic Library, the Nicola Basile Residence together with Cooperativa Sociale Bios.

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