Cantavenna Trekking 2022


Cantavenna Trekking 2022


Saturday 7 August trek on the Patronal feast of Cantavenna. This non-competitive event develops on both sides of the characteristic village of Monferrato between the hills and plain of Vercelli.

Meet at 6 pm on Saturday 7 August in the square of Cantavenna in the celebrations area. Departure at 7.05 pm. The route envisages a 9 km walk with an altitude difference of +350 m and a duration of 3 hours. Completion of the route is expected at around 10 pm.

The itinerary will take in a first part among the fields and vegetable gardens of the valley bottom in the hilly side which will be followed by a descent towards the gravels of the Po. The route then climbs along windy stony ground in the thickness of the wood on the northern side to return to the village close to the now famous balcony suspended over the plain below. From here, a short stretch will take to the departure point where there will be a food stand for those who want to stop and enjoy some food with others.

For more information refer to the flier attached. Reservation required; participation fee requested.

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