“Questa volta non mi volto” - a photography project by Laura Marinelli

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“Questa volta non mi volto” - a photography project by Laura Marinelli


A week dedicated to the elimination of violence against women, four events to reflect on this dramatically ever-present burning issue: "Questa volta non mi volto" is the title of the event realised by the City of Alessandria in association with the Municipal Council for equal opportunities and ASM Costruire Insieme with the participation of the group MondoUpArte.
Four appointments between photography, books, contemporary dance and theatre which become an opportunity to talk not only about this theme, but also to tackle a collective thought which draws inspiration from the art to delve into the multiple facets of what is today considered a plague that runs through our society. The event is inspired by the photography project "Questa volta non mi volto" by Laura Marinelli born in Verona, photographer but also cellist, who dedicates herself to strong themes such as violence against women, the pollution which is suffocating the world.

- 26 November at 5.30 pm: showcase of actress Marta Mantero and singer-songwriter Dado Bargioni from Alessandria;
- 29 November at 6.30 pm; presentation of the volume “L’impegno delle mazziniane per l’emancipazione femminile. Il contributo di Elena Ballio”, in the presence of the author Graziella Gaballo. A work which outlines according to the guidelines around which it developed, after the birth of the new Kingdom, the Italian emancipation movement which identified Mazzinianism as the sole democratic power able to give voice to a demand for female independence and citizenship. Elena Ballio (1847-1917) is placed in this context, whose political and cultural career is at the centre of this research.
-2 December at 6 pm; the contemporary dance group "Off Balance", set up in Alessandria in 1995, will present a choreography specifically created for the event. Off Balance represents the desire to go beyond traditional dance schemes, searching for opportunities and unusual spaces (art galleries, jazz clubs, squares, shop windows, etc) to propose an expressive dance, ironically attentive to gestures, quirks, hopes and frustrations of everyday living. The group is composed by Andrea Judith Man, Alessandra Rivera, Antonella Martinelli, Eliana Contato, Maria-Chiara Panizza, Marilena Campagno;
-3 December from 4 pm to 5 pm; the Silent Book Club of Solero invites the public, as it is in the spirit of these clubs set up all over the World, to participate with one’s own book to read, to treat oneself to an hour of reading in the silence of the Cloister together with other readers, before giving way to a discussion on authors, literary tastes and more.

The exhibition will be inaugurated on Sunday 26 November at 5.30 pm and will be open to visitors every day, until 3 December, from 5.30 pm to 8 pm.

Free admission to each event until full capacity is reached.

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