Total relaxation in the province of Alessandria

Today's Acqui Terme has at its heart the "Bollente" square (4), where a spring pours out 540 litres of water a minute at a constant 75°C. This high temperature and the strong whiff of sulphur in winter means steam billows up and around the buildings and issues forth from drains in the streets to create an almost Dante-esque inferno. The relaxing sensation that comes from taking the waters is without price, benefiting both the body and the mind. And still today, some two thousand years after the Romans, the spa water (salt, bromine, iodine, sulphur) has the same characteristics. Rain water filters down through the ground, heats up, enriches itself over some fifty years, a slow process that lends itself to therapeutic use, especially for rheumatic or arthritic disorders, for problems associated with movement (together with physiotherapy) and for respiratory problems.

Rehabilitation takes place through inhalation, atomising, spa baths, water gym activities with alternating periods in hot and cold water, an authentic part of our Roman heritage, all in a relaxing and professional atmosphere. The jewel in the crown of this spa is the mud, created from a fine mixture of spa water with selected clays and locally applied at a controlled temperature of 47°C . With the passing of the years, the Spa classified by the S.S.N. as being at the 1st superior level has been careful to renew itself, adding to the medicinal therapies a whole new range of beauty treatments, prepared for those people who want a relaxing break far from the hustle and bustle of the city. There is a whole range of massages, shower treatments, mud beauty treatments (4) and hydro massage therapies together with a range of cosmetics with a base of spa waters. The facilities at the "Regina" centre in the Bagni district of the town include a spa pool, fitness centre and spa beauty centre and this sits alongside the completely renovated Grand Hotel "Nuove Terme" in the town centre whose re-opening with modern areas for treatment programmes, a spa pool and beauty centre, sets the highest possible quality standard both in terms of the welcome and of the professional assistance on offer.