Monferrato Community of Sport

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Monferrato Community of Sport 2017

from 01 January 2017 to 31 December 2017

Monferrato received the most prestigious award that the European Commission, through Aces Europe, attributes to a European Capital, a town or territory in sports. A result and an acknowledgment which draws attention to the name "Monferrato" a tourist brand and a resource that must grow and be able to respond more effectively ; "Community" a revolutionary concept in the land of steeples and parochialisms, where each maintains its own identity to be put at the service of a larger project, useful to all; "European" because we need to be local without being provincial, which is one of the worst limits. Europe is our culture and our horizon, and then "Sport", no matter the size of the outdoors, the movement and mobility, the freedom and even a symbolic piece of our originality.

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