Villa Ottolenghi

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Villa Ottolenghi

from 04 March 2016 to 12 November 2019

Villa Ottolenghi and its Gardens - the guided tour allows you to discover Villa Ottolenghi, the only example in Italy of close collaboration between architects, painters, sculptors and patrons who have given life to creating a home characterized by the presence of important prestigious works of art.
Adjacent to the villa are the Mausoleum and the park named the “ Paradiso Terrestre” ("Garden of Eden"); around the Villa is the "Formal Garden" which was awarded 1st prize in the prestigious' "European Garden Award" in 2011 and in 2012 was defined as "The Best Garden of Europe"


NOTICE FROM 5TH JULY THE VISIT HAS BEEN POSTPONED TO 4.30 PM (UNTIL 1ST SEPTEMBER) From September, the Villa can be visited at 2.30 pm every Friday, Saturday and Sunday with a guided tour. It is always open for group bookings with a minimum of 10 people. For further information and bookings call Tel. 0144 322177 - 348 4520842 /

Information and contacts
strada Monterosso - Acqui Terme
Telephone: +39 0144 322.177