Events calendar for the Regional Wine Cellar of Monferrato


Events calendar for the Regional Wine Cellar of Monferrato



CALENDAR OF AUTUMN | WINTER EVENTS 2019 The events are divided by type: - Art exhibitions; Terroir: meetings of the territory (Wednesdays at 7 pm); - Producers’ Thursdays (Thursdays at 7 pm); Vibrations: wine and music pairings between djs and wines (Fridays at 7 pm); - Acoustics: acoustic concerts and live theatre (Saturdays at 7 pm); - Paper: literary aperitif (Sundays at 5.30 pm) Opening times of the Wine cellar: Wednesdays and Thursdays 11 am to 10 pm / Fridays and Saturdays 11 am to midnight / Sundays 11 am to 9 pm------------------------------*ART EXHIBITIONS* - “Tappo 12” by Cecilia Prete will be open to the public until 3 November - From 6 November until the end of December 2019 “Metonicale ancestrale banale” by Roberto Titti Miglietta – Several works by Piergiorgio Panelli will be on show in the mezzanine floor until Christmas --------------------------------- -- * TERROIR: MEETINGS OF THE TERRITORY * Every Wednesday evening at 7 pm, we will meet around the main table to open a window on the territory and become better acquainted with its specialities and protagonists. – 2 OCTOBER - Anna Maria Bruno: Walking Monferrato, pioneering project of Monferrato Casalese 9 - Roberto Nicoletti (Az. Agr. La Vetriata): 50 goats, lots of cheeses and just one cheesemaker! Tuesday 15 - Diletta Sereni: Presentation of the guide “L'Italia di vino in vino – itinerary a piedi e in bici alla scoperta dei vignaioli biologici e naturali” (Italy of wine in wine - foot and bike itineraries to discover the organic and natural winemakers) (collateral event of the Festival It.a.cà Monferrato) 16 - Daniele Colombara: the passion of being a truffle hunter and the Association of Truffle Hunters Valle Ghenza (collateral event of the Festival It.a.cà Monferrato) 23 – Stories of the river – Association Amici del Po – with Alberto Marello and Marco Bertoncini 30 – Theatre company: theatre of the territory – 6 NOVEMBER - “Il Cammino dei castelli bruciati” (The Walk of the burnt castles) with Fabio Olivero (Mayor of Odalengo Grande and president of the municipalities of Monferrato) and Max Biglia 13 - Laura Ciceri: becoming Agrichef 20 - Cinzia Sassone: the project Artemoda 27 - Gianni Calvi: History of Casale Monferrato – 4 DECEMBER - Gianni Calvi: the architecture of Monferrato 11 - Andrea Desana: Monferrato Doc --------------------- * PRODUCERS’ THURSDAYS* (Thursdays at 7 pm) On those Thursdays we will sit at the table with a wine producer, three of his wines and delicious pairings with Monferrato food. The AIS of Casale Monferrato has organised three evenings in which to gain in-depth knowledge of the Monferrato wine: Grignolino! This series of appointments is organised with Ramona Bruno, sommelier and collaborator of Tenuta Tenaglia. - 3 OCTOBER - AIS Casale – Rosso Grignolino 10 - Colle Manora 17 - Fabrizio Iuli (collateral event of the Festival It.a.cà Monferrato) 24 - Marco Filippello – Az. Poggiosecco (Tuscany) - 7 NOVEMBER - Daniele Saccoletto- Az. Agr. Saccoletto Daniele 14 - Nadia Verrua – Cascina Tavijin 21 - Ais Casale – Rosso Grignolino 28 - Piccolo Bacco dei Quaroni (Lombardy) – 5 DECEMBER – Christmas bubbles: Aziende Gaudio and Angelini 12 - AIS Casale – Rosso Grignolino ----------------------- * VIBRATIONS: FOOD-WINE PAIRINGS BETWEEN DJS AND WINES (Fridays at 7 pm) Vinyl, Dj, music and wine and plenty of “good vibrations". In association with Andrea Grazioli - 4 OCTOBER – Appointment with Dj Rec 11 – Appointment with Dj Base 18 – Appointment with Dj Iucci/Rude & Wise 25 – Appointment with Dj Lisah Lupix - 1 NOVEMBER – Appointment with Dj Rec 8 – Appointment with Dj Iucci/Rude & Wise 15 - Appointment with Dj Base 22 – Appointment with Dj Gas 29 – Appointment with Dj Lisah Lupix - 6 DECEMBER – Appointment with Dj Gas 13 – Final evening of celebration with all the Djs who will take turns at the console! ----------------------- * ACOUSTICS: ACOUSTIC CONCERTS AND LIVE THEATRE *(Saturdays at 7 pm) To wind down after a weekly routine, we suggest Saturday evening aperitifs with some of the best local groups and musicians in addition to two interesting forays into theatre. The acoustic evenings are kindly offered by Marco Botto wines of Sala Monferrato – OCTOBER 5 - Sambossa duo – bossa nova & jazz 12 - Fourtunes – alternative pop & rock 19 - Serafina Carpari + Franco Russo – jazz & pop 26 - Angelo Tosi - jazz & pop – 2 NOVEMBER - Party time in the company of “I narratori del Borgo” – theatre pre-dinner drink with snacks 9 - LM2O – jazz 16 - Dalila + Gloria – jazz & pop 23 - Crosstown traffic – rock, blues & pop 30 - Impropositivi – jazz artists of the word (theatre) – theatre improvisation - 7 DECEMBER - Angelo Tosi and Alessandra Accornero – jazz & pop 14 - Simone Torriano and Enrico "Otto" Ottone – jazz & pop ----------------------- * PAPER: LITERARY APERITIF * (Sundays at 5.30 pm) Every Sunday afternoon, almost at tea time (but also time for a glass of wine!) we will discuss literature and much more with a writer or enthusiast that revolves around the magical world of words. – 6 OCTOBER – “007 Bond Ages - sguardi sul cinema di James Bond” (007 Bond Ages – glances at the cinema of James Bond) by and with Marco Paracchini (Undici Edizioni) in association with the Mondadori Store of Casale Monferrato 13 – “Il giorno del Compleanno” (The Birthday) by and with Danilo Grasso (Oedipus Edizioni) 20 – “Viaggio in Italia… con gusto!” (Travelling in Italy.. with gusto!”) by and with Barbara Corino – Associazione Librarti (Progetto Calici di parole) 27 – “I miracoli del sangue” (The miracles of blood) by and with Maurizio Roccato (Intrecci edizioni) in association with the Mondadori Store of Casale Monferrato and Undici Edizioni - 3 NOVEMBER – “Ibiza misteriosa” (Mysterious Ibiza) by Gian Luca Marino (Undici edizioni) in association with the Mondadori Store of Casale Monferrato 10 – “Between Poetry and Music. Quando la letteratura ispira la musica” (Between Poetry and Music. When literature inspires music) by and with Paola Casulli 17 – “Ad alta voce” (In a loud voice) (Edizioni Letteratura Alternativa) by and with Enrico Iviglia 24 - “Il Giappone in dieci parole” (Japan in ten words) with Alessia Trua, by and with Associazione Yamato – 1 DECEMBER - “Kamishiabi (una valigia di racconti)” Kamishiabi (a case of stories), by and with Barbara Corino – Associazione Librarti (Progetto Calici di parole) 8 – “Giugno 1859” (June 1859) by Elisa Caramella (Undici Edizioni) in association with the Mondadori Store of Casale Monferrato 15 – “Beethoven a Casale Monferrato, tra Leonardo Bistolfi e Carlo Evasio Soliva” (Beethoven in Casale, between Leonardo Bistolfi and Carlo Evasio Soliva) by and with Roberto Coaloa ----------------------- Contacts WINE CELLAR: PRESS OFFICE: Veronica Iannotti | SOCIAL MEDIA: Francesca Anello

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