BORT at the Museum


BORT at the Museum



On Friday 20 September, at the Civic Museum of Palazzo Cuttica, CulturAle Asm Costruire Insieme in association with the Municipality of Alessandria will inaugurate the exhibition of the famous cartoonist and illustrator Mario Bortolato, AKA BORT, adopted by Alessandria. On the same day, the city will also host the national puzzle conference. The Italian rebus association formed in Alessandria in 1980, organises a national annual conference that brings together the enthusiastic creators and solvers from all over Italy. This year, it celebrates the 40th conference right in Alessandria, together with the 70th national puzzle congress, which is also geared to makers of puzzles who deal with more than just rebuses. Consequently, for this edition, CulturAle Asm Costruire Insieme has thought of offering the association one of the most prestigious locations of the city, Palazzo Cuttica, for the challenge, adding more competition rebuses, which will include one of the museum themes. Enthusiasts see the rebus as an authentic art form and the same rebus creators often draw inspiration from existing works, precisely like BORT’s drawings. This is a great opportunity to pay tribute to the brilliant author, known to most for his cartoons of “Teo” and “Le ultime parole famose” of La Settimana Enigmistica, who had a long and successful career publishing his works in an innumerable quantity of different magazines (from “La Domenica del Corriere” to “L’Intrepido” to mention a few of the best known). Mario Bortolato was undoubtedly a giant of humour, reserved and shy, a point of reference for entire generations, always recognisable with or without his signature (La Settimana Enigmistica only granted it to him). “Alessandria wants to highlight the importance of several of its illustrious citizens, says the Lord Mayor Gianfranco Cuttica of Revigliasco. They are an example for the entire community, above all for the younger children, who will have the possibility to become acquainted with the man and the artist Bort thanks to this beautiful and prestigious exhibition. A good opportunity for all enthusiasts of the genre, but also for all visitors who will be able to appreciate the often biting bourgeois humour, which has given Bort legions of fans of every age and an exceptional artistic longevity”. It will also be an interesting opportunity for schools who can book guided tours to this exhibition, for a unique and original experience. This is the first exhibition of the well-known cartoonist, conceived and organised by CulturAle Asm Costruire Insieme following his death last January. An exhibition of 79 works, many of which are unpublished (cartoons of Teo, Ultime parole famose of La Settimana Enigmistica, various cartoons, pencil sketches), and his work tools: most of the works are the property of his children Marina and Paolo Bortolato who together with Cristoforo Moretti have managed the exhibition which also includes other works by Bort from private collections. "We are very thankful to the Bortolato family, says Cristina Antoni President of CulturAle ASM Costruire Insieme for giving the people of Alessandria and others the opportunity to remember and for a few to discover for the first time, the brilliance and essence of Bort’s art. As a company we are satisfied for having brought this exhibition to Palazzo Cuttica, part of the city's artistic heritage, making us proud of how much Bortolato has left us”. The event will take place on Friday 20 September starting from 10 a.m. with guided tours of the museum for all conference participants, around 2.30 p.m. and until 5.30 p.m. closed-doors rebus competition for the members and in the presence of different editors of specialist sector magazines. At 6 p.m. inauguration of the long-awaited BORT exhibition with free admission and open to all visitors. A toast to conclude. “The images of Mario Bortolato, says Patrizia Bigi Director of CulturAle ASM Costruire Insieme loved by the public and critics, and the rebuses of enthusiastic solvers of puzzles, a large group of keen individuals, can make use of the historic and artistic setting of the Museum of Palazzo Cuttica, one of the most beautiful historic buildings of the city. With this exhibition, a project coordinated by Daniela Sguaizer of CulturAle Asm Costruire Insieme, the company participates in this year’s European Heritage Day on Saturday 21 September. To mark the occasion, the Civic Museum of Palazzo Cuttica will be open extraordinarily from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. (aside from the usual opening hours from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.)


The exhibition will be open to the public until 31 October, every Saturday and Sunday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. guided tours (booking required)

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